Monday, September 23, 2019

GOP Congressional candidate has ground-breaking new idea

Who saw that coming?

Good thing it's not related to a personal campaign for higher office, is it?
Wisconsin Senate leader Scott Fitzgerald, who is running for Congress, floats new tax cut
Apparently the state has repaired all its aging bridges, filled all the potholes Scottholes, replaced all the lead water pipes, gotten the manure out of rural groundwater, extended broadband services to under-served areas, stopped the spread of chronic deer wasting disease and added back all the K-12 and UW system funding which Walker and the GOP-run legislature stripped out in their bad early years.
Wisc Sen. Scott Fitzgerald.jpg
Awaiting also the list of state program cuts which the GOP-controlled legislature will have to regrettably announce when the recession takes hold and there just isn't enough money in the cookie jar to fund them.

Who saw that coming?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the humor. I am conflicted about Fitz's congressional run. I would love for him to be gone from the State Senate but loathe the idea of him representing in Congress. Or maybe I just loathe him.

Anonymous said...

ship him to DC, he can join Grothman so WI has 2 clowns in the GOP clownshow in the house.