Thursday, September 5, 2019

Robin Vos is enjoying his obscurity!

Polling shows Robin Vos isn't well-known statewide, and that's the way he likes it. 

With recognition might come accountability, after all, and #whoneedsthat? when you've already picked your own voters #♥︎gerrymanderingLOL!
Robin Vos speaks at Racine Tea Party event (8378614585).jpg
The most revealing part of the disrespect he tweeted (below) about the far more popular Governor isn't the arrogant, exclusionary and self-glorifying "getting things done" for conservatives.

Or "for Racine County," which could include the fiscal Foxconn wreckage he's helped load on to local taxpayers and the daily wreckage on an 'improved' I-94 which Vos pushed across the county.

The real tell in Vos' tweet is the exclamation point, because it shows the delight he takes in being the shadow puppeteer. Oh, and also the falsely-humble and stupid hashtag. He should have just written LOL and taken a first step down Honesty Lane..

Props to the Journal Sentinel's Molly Beck for pointing us to it.
Half the state hasn't heard of the most powerful lawmakers in Wisconsin, new poll finds
"Actually I'm more than happy to be getting things done for conservatives and Racine County while making sure Gov Evers doesn't screw up our state by enacting any of his very liberal agenda!" he tweeted, adding the hashtag: "#nocreditnecesssary."

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Anonymous said...

I really wish the weasel Vos would run for governor and give up his seat in Wis congress, but he will not and here is why: 1. Democrats and Independents despise him for the partisan idiot that he is. 2. Republicans outside of his district can't stand the loser. 3. He has hopes and dreams of a high salary lobby job. The more garbage he pulls the better his odds.

He may be a very stupid person, kind of comparable to a lowlife thief. He is in his position because of his lack of morals. His district republicans want someone who will rob and steal for their district, and then once he is voted in the House republicans want the same character for their party. The less morals and the more willing to do bidding for the cash cow, the more power the party will give the dirtbag. For example: Trump, McConnel, Ryan, Walker, Fitzgerald.

A little history lesson: Very few card carrying Republicans liked Walker. They saw him as a fool for corporate bidding from the get go. Once he became their candidate they were ok with a corrupt fool as long as he pushed their agenda. The agenda meaning make abortion illegal and no gun laws. Their agenda was not to contaminate wells, streams, overspread crap,let roads fall apart, create a teacher shortage, etc. After a short time listening to the idiot and the talk radio garbage, this also became their agenda. Teachers getting paid 6 figures and paying nothing for the best benefits, that had to stop. Oh yea, throw in a dose of how he loves God. All of a sudden they loved him because not only would he supposedly back their beliefs but he also created new political beliefs. Heck, I have a Republican friend who never shot a gun in his life until the party told him to. Almost everyone thought the train was a great idea until Walker said it wasn't.