Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Republicans with short memories also skipped American Presidency 101

Waiting for the sequel to "All the President's Men" to hit the bookshelves.

* Let's start with Rudi Guiliani, already with subpoena in hand, apparently forgot what happened to Trump's previous personal attorney after blind loyalty to Individual 1.

  • President Trump’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen heads to prison to begin serving a three-year sentence.
* Then there's Bill Barr, Attorney General and Trump's new Roy Cohn. Barr needs to read up on Richard Nixon's fall, especially that chapter on John Mitchell: 'When AG's go bad.'
Former Attorney General John Mitchell, jailed for his role...
Richard Nixon presidential portrait.jpg

Mitchell was serving as Nixon's campaign manager when he went to trial; the Nixon-Trump comparison is strengthened by the prison term which Trump's campaign manger Paul Manfort is already serving.

* And here's a pretty comprehensive account of whom else may walk the plank for their service to Trump instead the country.


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