Wednesday, September 11, 2019

No-cost climate newsletter a must read

The opening few lines in the latest offering of Nexus Clean Energy News shows why this free newsletter is a must read.  
New research finds that clean energy would be cheaper than over 90 percent of proposed natural gas plants. Los Angeles is moving ahead with a record-low solar plus storage project after the developer reached an agreement to use union labor. Electric vehicles take center stage at the Frankfurt auto show as companies roll out a range of battery-powered models. Oil majors are on track to complete a record number of clean energy deals this year, with digital and efficiency technology the most popular investment. 
“If you look at how things pencil out, we’re at a tipping point,” said Mark Dyson, Rocky Mountain Institute electricity markets analyst and co-author of a new report. "Here's evidence that the switch from gas to clean energy makes economic sense and is compatible with utility companies' need for reliability."
Solar panel array at Refuse Hideaway Landfill.
Solar installation at a Middleton, WI landfill. WI DNR web photo

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