Sunday, September 15, 2019

Nestle's massive Great Lakes basin diversion provokes a challenge

Good to see a challenge to Nestle's massive Great Lakes basin water extraction which continues daily and yearly, bottle-by-bottle, for the mere annual paperwork charge of $200. 
There's no state tax, license fee or royalty associated with the company's extraction of a precious natural resource.
The so-called 'bottle water exception' is a gaping hole in the Great Lakes Compact inserted to grandfather an Michigan industry to assure that state's support when the Compact was up for approval.

Also assured: Michigan's reciprocated tolerance for Wisconsin's repeated diversions,
Speaking of diversions, is there still radio silence about Pleasant Prairie's?
A friend asks what happened after the reporting about a year ago that Pleasant Prairie, WI - - no, not Mt. Pleasant, WI, where Foxconn is also on tap for a Lake Michigan diversion - - was being allowed to receive even more Great Lakes water that it had earlier managed to obtain.
Lake Michigan, Milwaukee. James Rowen photo, 2018. 

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