Saturday, September 21, 2019

Ron Johnson, Senator 'Can't Do Nuthin' About It'

Deep into his second term, WI GOP Senator Ron Johnson has perfected that Ultra-Libertarianesque 'what's the-use?' shoulder shrug.

We saw it a few weeks when 
Johnson opined after the latest mass slaughter-by-assault rifle he didn't see much of anything useful to do in response.
Two weeks after two mass shootings occurred in less than 24 hours, Congress and the White House have not moved closer to passing any kind of gun legislation to address what many are calling a crisis, and some Republican senators, including Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, don't think any new gun legislation is likely to pass...."The debate really hasn't changed much at all."
Any other pressing issues we can't do anything about?

Well, there's that all that global warming and storming sunspot activity which science guy Ron says the kids should stop complaining about and begin focusing 
 "adapting to things I don't think we can prevent anyway."

Jonson is talking about about adapting, but I think the word he was searching is capitulating.

Climate Change Capitulation, the kind of CCC program a guy like Johnson could get behind.

No doubt Johnson will point to the recent repeat road washouts and other flood damage in many Wisconsin communities, and Houston's second record-setting deluge since 2017 as successful case studies of adaptation following calls for doable changes to infrastructure more than 15 years ago.

Some good news: the local high-tech firm Foxconn may have some expertise to offer. 
Storm water runs in 2018 ran off the Foxconn site downstream and into Illinois
So, Mt. Pleasant residents not yet moved off your not-blighted land, death-defying motorists and anyone across the border Illinois, please adapt. 
Foxconn Water Runoff Reportedly Flowed Into Pike River  
Officials from as far as Lake County Illinois are concerned about the environmental impacts of Foxconn developments.
The bottom line: Johnson didn't get himself sent to Washington for two Senate terms to do anything.

Well, except for that tax code change for certain business people whom Johnson said needed more backing, and for whom he cast a key vote for the bill only after extensive work to get what he wanted: 
What Mr. Johnson needs, he said in an interview from Wisconsin on Friday, is for the bill to treat more favorably small businesses and other so-called pass-through entities — businesses whose profits are distributed to their owners and taxed at rates for individuals. Such entities, including Mr. Johnson’s family-run plastics manufacturing business, account for more than half of the nation’s business income, and the senator says the tax bill would give an unfair advantage to larger corporations. 
“I just have in my heart a real affinity for these owner-operated pass-throughs,” he said. 

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Maynard McKillen said...

It hardly needs to be said, but in addition to being a brainless puppet, Johnson is spineless.