Wednesday, September 4, 2019

NC joins PA in winning fights for fair legislative maps.

I have no hope that Wisconsin's blatantly pro-GOP 5-2 State Supreme Court majority would rule against the legislature's current gerrymander, or approve any modification opposed by the legislature's twin gerrymander champion beneficiaries Vos and Fitzgerald - - but it's great to see North Carolina state courts join Pennsylvania's push towards constitutionally-fair redistricting:
The North Carolina court in Wake County said the Republican maps violated the State Constitution’s clauses guaranteeing free elections, equal protection under the law and freedom of speech and assembly. Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court cited provisions of its Constitution in striking down the state’s congressional map in January 2018.
Those two states may soon be sending more deserving Democrats to Congress, and that's a good thing, given Trump's devastatingly reckless maneuvers which imperil clean air fresh water and world peace.

In Wisconsin, we can only do what we can do, which means defeating Scott Walker appointee Justice Daniel Kelly in next April's State Supreme Court race, because a court tilted to the GOP right by a thinner 4-3 margin puts an eventual win for redistricting and other fair measures in the ballpark.

I don't want to relitigate the blown opportunity in April of the year which saw the ultra-partisan former Walker staffer Brian Hagedorn derail early favorite Lisa Neubauer. 

Let's stay focused on a long view and remember that this is all about handing younger Wisconsinites a better future.
Justice Daniel Kelly
Justice Daniel Kelly

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BillSell said...

Keep these stories in mind as you talk about spring elections. Kelly, bought and paid for.