Friday, September 20, 2019

To the WI right-wing GOP agenda of No & Never, add Stall

[Update - - add medical marijuana to Fitzgerald's rejection list. Sorry, PTSD and cancer suffers. Fitz has his 'principles.'] 

Fitzgerald and Vos are implementing across Wisconsin the go-negative Mitch McConnell strategy that routinely blocked President Obama's publicly-minded appointments and agendas.

So in Wisconsin, we now have the GOP State Steve Nass 'stall' on overdue clean drinking water rule-making updates:
CAFOs, large row crop and vegetable farmers, and other agricultural industry businesses such as consultants, agricultural cooperatives and fertilizer retailers with conceivably something to lose, appear to be very concerned about what could come out of the rulemaking process. For this reason, it appears members of the majority party in the state legislature are taking what steps they can to slow the process down. 
The message to people in Kewaunee County and elsewhere who have waited years for action to keep brown water out of their kitchen taps: wait some more.

This is on top of the Fitzgerald & Vos 'noto public health gun safety initiatives - - per the NRA's wishes - - and these 'leaders' rejection of expanded Medicaid coverages summed by the blunt Vos tantrum: #never.' 

An iron-grip strengthened by the Wisconsin GOP's most-recent legislative power seizure after it lost all five statewide constitutional contests in 2018 - - 

- - and which was validated by a State Supreme Court majority that regularly displays an injudicious, pro-GOP partisanship.

Besides the obstructionist tactics, note the common disregard by the Party of No/Never for citizen health and safety to please special, monied interests.

Grand Old Party? 

No, never.

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