Thursday, September 12, 2019

Mt. Pleasant setback. Foxconn's conning tower shelved!

Oh, no! More surprises at Base Camp Foxconn: They're ditching the control tower
Foxconn's plans to build a nine-story circular office building reminiscent of Epcot's iconic Spaceship Earth building at the entrance of its Orlando theme park in Mount Pleasant have been put on hold... 
The building...was going to serve as Foxconn's network operations center. It would have been a central location where administrators will "manage, control and monitor one or more networks."
Now I fear for the Big Ben-ish edifice and the rest of this multi-billion-dollar Disneyworld-Meets-Versailles coffee kiosk hub.

Screen shot from Foxconn's video showing the Mt. Pleasant campus-to-be
I'll be adding this news to my Foxconn archive.

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Also too!

Quits race!

“When the Republic of China needs Guo Taiming, Guo Taiming will be here,” he said, using his Chinese name and the formal name for the government in Taiwan. Mr. Gou previously said he had no plans to return to Foxconn, even if he were to fail in his bid for the presidency. He stepped down as the company’s chairman earlier this year to explore a bid.