Thursday, September 26, 2019

Yard sign campaign aimed at keeping state park 'development'-free

The grassroots organization Friends of the Black River Forest is out with a new yard sign urging protection of Kohler Andrae State Park from transferring land to a private developer for the construction of a privately-owned, high-end golf course complex.

For a $15 contribution, you can get this sign - - 

- - that will help keep a signature state park intact.

The group has won a round in court to block the construction after showing that the DNR's approval for the project of wetland-filling permit was outside the rules, but the matter is not settled.

And the bigger question is: given what we know about the relationship of old growth forests to climate change and a warming, less habitat environment, should the DNR be doing anything to enable the destruction of a nature preserve adjoining the state park which would loose public acreage for private gain.

Remember, this is more than a local issue impacting eastern Sheboygan County. It's a statewide matter because clean water, public land, fresh air, wildlife protection and rare dunes all hang in the balance.

Simply put, it's your park, too

As now that the DNR itself is signaling that it takes climate seriously when the Walker-era agency did not - - after demonstrating that it had not when it inappropriately gave the developer its wetland-filling permit - - 

Former DNR employee: Staff pressured to OK Kohler golf course on rare Wisconsin wetlands, park
-- it's time that the DNR take affirmative steps to make sure the golf course project remains blocked and helps the nature preserve's owner save that unique, 247-acre parcel rather than clear-cut, bulldoze and otherwise change its special character.


Anonymous said...

Where do I pick up my sign.

James Rowen said...

The post has a link to the group Friends of the Black River Forest and there is a website on the sign.