Monday, September 23, 2019

21st WI hound since 7/7 sent into fatal fight with wolves. Check, please.

The Wisconsin DNR reports that a 21st wildlife-chasing hunting hound in less than seven weeks has been released into a fatal confrontation with wolves.
09/22/2019Douglas1 Hunting dog killed (Plott, 1-year old female)Douglas depredation siteDouglas depredation location map [PDF]
Other relevant numbers:

* The last seven hunting hounds sent to their violent deaths in what amounts to state-sanction-and-subsidized wolf-dog fighting in Wisconsin were all Plott hounds, perhaps like this one.
The most recently killed Plott was a year-old.

Each dog's owner is eligible for a $2,500 reimbursement by the DNR, so just in the last few weeks, thoughtless hunters can claim $52,500 for their trouble.


Anonymous said...

Time for the public to demand our politicians ban oayment, oress charges and ban hounding finally. There is no reason for this activity in our society. It is state subsidized, legal dog fighting, it needs to end...NOW.

Anonymous said...

I agree, owner should be liable unless the dog is killed while tied in owners yard. And even then, somewhat questionable since owners should be more responsible.