Wednesday, July 3, 2013

More About State Sen. Tom Tiffany And Mining Lobbying

I had posted this item about pro-iron ore mining State Sen. Tom Tiffany's attack on non-profit Wisconsin Wildlife Federation leader George Meyer for being a "paid lobbyist," but I missed already-public documents showing Tiffany, R-Hazelhurst), agreeing to play a strategic role proposed by an iron mine lobbyist to help move the bill forward.

Begin by taking another look at this Facebook posting from last year by the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters about Tiffany's relationship to a Gogebic's lobbyist:

  • David Storey, lobbyist for Gogebic Taconite, sent e-mails to then-Rep. [and now State Sen.] Tom Tiffany, and Walker policy adviser Eileen Schoenfeldt that discussed forming a "response team" to combat negative PR once the final mining bill was released. Read the emails here:
    I took a look at the emails among Storey, the Governor's staff and Tiffany; towards the end of the file there is a request for a meeting with Tiffany and then a thank-you from the lobbyist to Tiffany for getting "on board." 

    With further thanks from the lobbyist for "agreeing to play an important role," to be that important "someone within the legislative process in a position to respond..." and "agree[ing] to your individual roles..."

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