Friday, September 6, 2019

Wisconsin DNR mission statement needs one small edit

Given the continuing slaughter of bear-chasing hunting dogs released by their owners into fatal fights with wolves - - a uniquely Wisconsin subsidized activity authorized by the Legislature - - I'd suggest the small edit I've added below in bold-faced italics to make the WI DNR mission statement more accurate:
  1. Wisconsin DNR Mission Statement
    To protect and enhance our natural resources: our air, land and water; our wildlife, fish and forests and the ecosystems that sustain all life.

  2. To provide a healthy, sustainable environment and a full range of outdoor opportunities - - except for certain hounds and the wildlife they are allowed to harass.

  3. To ensure the right of all people to use and enjoy these resources in their work and leisure.

  4. To work with people to understand each other’s views and to carry out the public will.

  5. And in this partnership consider the future and generations to follow.
The last two hunting dogs reportedly thrown fatally to wolves in Wisconsin were Plott hounds, perhaps looking like this one:

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