Saturday, September 28, 2019

DNR-Riveredge sturgeon release adds fish, Lake Michigan allies

The annual sturgeon fingerling release Saturday into Lake Michigan within walking distance of Milwaukee's downtown does two important things:

1. It provides a nice boost to the sturgeon population.

2. And more Great Lakes water awareness and wildlife appreciation allies are created on the spot.

We wandered over to the event in the urban gem Lakeshore State Park on a whim and bought the last two fund-raising tickets, allowing us each to release a six-inch fingerling into the lake, where we hope it reproduces and lives a hundred years.
As dad watches, Sarah and Olivia send a sturgeon fingering into Lake Michigan
All the more reason to pressure the state for much tougher enforcement of water quality standards in both of our Great Lakes' watersheds to stem phosphorus discharges and prevent CAFO runoff from reaching drinking water taps, and eventually the lakes, as happens far too often.
Manure spill...Kewaunee County...Again...
Lake Michigan, the Great Lakes, our drinking water - - all one system in need of high-quality stewardship.

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