Friday, September 20, 2019

Walker's science-scrub remains key WI DNR climate 'content'

I've been posting on this blog since 2016 about the way Walker's DNR deleted science, data and links from its lead web page about climate change. 

Here is one recent such posting.

The deliberately-inadequate, anti-science and denialist-pleasing page remains just as Walker and his key ideological tool Cathy Stepp concocted it on December, 21 2016 - - which is also the day I noticed and posted about it.

Evers' team has been atop the agency for months.

I'd assumed the page with its five sentences and two links to outside sites would have been updated and expanded into an intellectually-honest offering before Friday's climate change marches.

Here's one post that shows how good information which was was removed and edited into misleading mush. Follow the color-coding.

Look: Walker is gone. The people threw him out.

His climate science deletion was widely reported in scientific websites
Under Wisconsin’s Walker, a Climate Website Scrubbed of Climate Science
And in mainstream media
Why Was Climate Change Language Stripped From DNR Web Page?
Let's throw out his fake, ideologically-drive 'science' and get some real information about our rapidly-warming, Arctic-ice melting, storm-ravaged planet relevant to the Great Lakes region and everyday life.


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Katrina said...

Thanks for noticing this. I wonder if this is due to lack of political will or lack of staff.