Thursday, August 22, 2019

WI road planners made I-94 N/S near Foxconn a danger zone

I'd said in June that federal transportation safety officials should be looking into the rash of crashes in the I-94 construction zone with the Foxconn zone at its center.
Will officials examine rash of major I-94 crashes, Milwaukee-IL state line?
[6/21/19 update]: A post-crash WisDOT assessment that standard protocols had been followed suggest the agency is out-of-touch with drivers' perceptions that the area is dangerous. I stand by my call for a federal safety investigation, below - - and before the next several crashes.
So major props to the Racine Journal Times for digging our the deeper data that underscores that investigative need, given how badly Wisconsin officials botched its planning and continuing oversight:
Crashes spike in I-94 work zone, traffic stops 'unsafe for everyone involved'
The project has turned an 18-mile, three-county-spanning stretch of I-94 into a perilous cacophony of orange barrels and lane shifts in which more than 1,000 crashes have occurred and over 200 people have been injured in just over a year, a Journal Times investigation has found.
I will add this post to my continuous Foxconn archive now with more than 350 posts, here


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