Tuesday, June 5, 2018

To satisfy Foxconn and Team Walker, property seizures one step closer

In Racine County's Village of Mount Pleasant these days, you can't count on your home being your castle anymore.

Because if the government wants to take it for Foxconn and the bulldozers, the Village is closing in on saying it belongs to them - - and they can take it - - because it's blighted.

Does this look blighted to you?
Cabbage fields on the Foxconn site, 2017
The fancy term for what may come along now that "blight" has been officially invoked upon the heads and deeds of residents not interested in being booted out would be "eminent domain," but, in reality, it's property seizure.

To benefit, in this case, a private, foreign corporation.

And to which any evictees who stick around in Wisconsin will also send some of their taxes because the company will get public subsidies for another generation.

Talk about adding insult to injury, and putting a finer point on that 'right direction' in which Walker always says we're moving.

Moving? Or in the case of some Racine County residents, being moved on, and out. Right direction, or more of a forced march?

Because a private business wants your property?

Who put Walker in charge of telling people in Mount Pleasant they need to find a new address?

The proponents of eminent domain in this case are saying the people who are being forced out are going to get a bonus - - 140% of the grabbed property's value - - so, hey, don't be an ingrate.

Which is fine if you wanted to sell and move, but the bonus offer is of limited-to-no value if leaving wasn't in your plans.

Moving is a known, big-deal stressor, so add to that equation and pressure on your heart rate and peace-of-mind being forced out of your home to keep in step with the Walker-Foxconn involuntary shove.

Where do you go? What happens if you can't find something acceptable?

What of your relationships with neighbors, familiar surroundings, and your yard, the garden, or those trees you planted which were part of your favorite view from your favorite easy chair through your favorite window?

What's a fair price for that, bonus or no bonus?

Especially if you're not interested in selling.

Earlier today I'd written about how the current crop of Republicans running state government in Wisconsin cares not one bit about local control.

I wish I'd used the term "home rule," because Walker and his legislative allies and officials in Mount Pleasant - - where things have turned decidedly unpleasant - - are sending the message that what was your home is now under their rule. 

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