Thursday, April 11, 2019

Foxconn zone gets gas pipe. Along with more highways, electrical power & water

The inequities in SE Wisconsin continue to grow right before our very eyes, because sprawl development follows fresh infrastructure that fuels more sprawl - - now it's a new state-approved gas pipeline - - that politicians are pushing into the subsidized, semi-rural Foxconn zone.

Here is one blog post covering the Foxconn story for the last 22 months.

As I said before, even if Foxconn doesn't ever manufacture a big screen TV on the agricultural fields in Mt. Pleasant targeted for bulldozing - -  

GOP Assembly Speaker Robin Vos will have helped trigger sprawl development through government actions in an area in which he lives, owns businesses ad serves as the most powerful legislator in the State Assembly.

Keep this mind when you read about housing, development, transit, hight-building employment and other demographic realities and trends that keep the heavily-minority populations of Milwaukee and Racine hemmed in while suburbs and exurbs acquire jobs, growth, municipal tax base and middle-class expansion through multiple government actions:

SE WI segregation fueled by governments which need to address it   

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