Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Bice reveals new Walker gambit. Walker reveals latest pizza bite.

Props to Dan Bice for digging out the names of the ex-Walker aides and donors who, after a no-doubt exhaustive, nationwide search, set Walker up as the National Honorary Chairman of his latest vehicle for self-promotion, Institute for Reforming Government.

Too bad previous passe persona pamperers already had appropriated stronger nouns for The Tommy G. Thompson Center for Public Leadership.

The Dear Leader-like tripartite title Walker accepted from a group inseparable from scores of other 'think tanks' might route attention his way beyond the pathetic Twitter photos he just can't stop posting - - one from Tuesday is below - - but Bice has uncovered a story which suggests Walker is that sad child who would send himself Valentine Day cards to create a few moments of playground importance or dinner table glory.

Speaking of which...

Dinner at Pizzeria Piccola in the Village of Wauwatosa. Mmmm!


MadCityVoter said...

Given Walker's past 501(c)(3) campaign coordination shenanigans the question becomes which of the Institute for Reforming Government's principal operatives will just happen to find themselves helping to run some lucky WisGOPper's campaign in need of a timely "issue ad" [*nudge, nudge*, *wink, wink*] that IRG could conveniently supply. These jerks are so transparent they might as well be made of hot air.

Also, is that the worst looking picture of a cold congealed pizza ever or what? Whatsamatter Scotty, couldn't choke down more than half a slice? Eyes bigger than your stomach? Ambition outstripping your abilities?

Anonymous said...

lol: "The Institute for Reforming Government was formed in 2017 to promote the kind of reforms Wisconsin accomplished over the past eight years, so it made sense for Gov. Scott Walker to later join our efforts when his term was over," McDonald said.

When "his term was over?" He lost an election.

Anonymous said...

In one sense he was term limited by the voters...good thing he's entitled to some of that wingnut welfare!