Monday, April 15, 2019

Yet another key Foxconn figure heads for the sidelines

Foxconn's founder and chairman Terry Gou is stepping down from the company's daily operations.
Foxconn says Gou will remain chairman, to withdraw from daily operations
Isn't this like a football team's General Manager stepping aside from daily operations months before the Super Bowl and big win he'd promised players and fans?

This comes just months after Scott Walker, his main Wisconsin partner, was booted by voters from the Governor's office, and just a few days following yet another state poll which found Wisconsinites continue to doubt the wisdom Walker helping shovel billions in public subsidies Foxconn's way.

If the Foxconn project in Mt. Pleasant were the sure thing Walker and Gou had pledged, does it make sense for Gou to take a big sideways step now and open up the possibility that the younger managers he wants to empower will be less invested in Gou's interest in investing in Wisconsin?
Terry Gou 20171206.jpg

This leaves only Gou's pal Donald Trump among the Wisconsin project's prime movers to try and make the Walker-Gou dream factory a reality.

Full Foxconn archive, here.

If things tend to take places in 3's, who's going to ramrod the project when voters show Trump the door: Robin Vos? He doesn't have the juice.


Anonymous said...

Maybe the recent revelations that Foxconn is refusing to allow Microsoft to look at the financial records, even though they had agreed to do so, may have something to do with this. It would certainly make one question if there are some "irregularities" as they say in the world of big business.

Unknown said...

Something sure feels and looks fishy