Tuesday, April 16, 2019

A flood of Foxconn flooding headlines

Heads up, Illinois:

The Chicago Tribune says this today:
Report: Wisconsin Foxconn development could bring record flooding to Gurnee
For the record:

* In September 2017, this blog said this
Foxconn headed for flood-prone Racine County
Racine County is one of seven counties in the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission, (SEWRPC), and it said in a lengthy 2015 report that flooding was a major hazard in Racine County (beginning in p. 86):
Flooding is a significant hazard in Racine County. As described in Chapter II, there are approximately 101 miles of major streams in Racine County, located within four watersheds: the Fox (Illinois) River, Root River, Pike River, and Des Plaines River watersheds.... 
Approximately 34.7 square miles, not including surface water in lakes and existing stream channels, or about 10 percent of the total area of the County, were located within the one-percent-annual-probability flood hazard area.  
Description of Recent Flood Events
Since 1990, there have been 39 flood events reported by the National Climatic Data Center affecting Racine County. Those flood events were reported to have caused property damages totaling, in 2008 dollars, about $41.7 million in damage, of which $34.5 million was related to crop damages. 
* In July, 2018, this blog said this
4th IL agency concerned with flooding opposes Foxconn environmental waivers
* In September, 2018, this blog said this
See flooding off Foxconn site. Heads up, downstream!

* In September, 2018, this blog also said this:
Foxconn flooding poured downstream to mainstream media; 3 takeaways
* In March, 2019, this blog said this:
Why N. IL is nervous about Foxconn, wetland filling
Here is one blog post with 22 months of Foxconn items
A Foxconn Fever Primer. 

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