Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Popcorn maker expands state staff to baker's dozen, plus 1

Racine County popcorn manufacturer and conservative-in-slogan-only Robin Vos has completed his expanded taxpayer-paid team with yet another former Walker hire:
Assembly Speaker Robin Vos added two new staffers last month, filling the last of the 14 positions he put under his authority for the session.... 
[Julie] Lund, a former TV reporter and anchor, served as Gov. Scott Walker’s deputy communications director....In her new role, Lund will work with outstate media and Assembly GOP members on their communications, a Vos spokeswoman said.

Senior Team Walker staffers have clustered atop the the US EPA Great Lakes regional office in Chicago; work by other Walker loyalists to create p.r. platforms for the defeated Wisconsin Governor has been documented by the Milwaukee Journal's Dan Bice. 

And the influence of Walker's lame-duck legislation and leftovers will continue in Wisconsin as long as mainstream media continue to feature Walker as some sort of legitimate-leader-in exile months after the voters sent him packing.
Scott Walker calls Foxconn deal 'iron clad' 
The remarks come after Democratic Gov. Tony Evers said it was not likely Foxconn would bring the promised 13,000 jobs to Wisconsin.

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Dice said...

Time to scrape Scooter's dogshit off our sneakers and get to work.