Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Duffy, Steil playtime ignores real WI dairy crises

Wisconsin's interwoven dairy crises are producing bankruptcies, suicides and polluted drinking water.

But to some members of the Wisconsin GOP congressional caucus, dairy is something on which to try out puerile stand-up comedy - - unless self-parody is your thing, so nicely-played, sirs.

Still - - it's not everyday that you can watch two United States House members jointly waste some of their $174,000 annual taxpayer-provided salaries and also some of their approximately $1.3 million annual taxpayer-awarded office budgets, but that's what the foolish duo of Sean Duffy

Sean Duffy Official Portrait 115th Congress.jpg

and newcomer Bryan Steil managed to do today.

Wisconsin Republicans mock Democrats for holding 2020 convention here, saying 'they want to get rid of our cows'
By the way, if these Republican members of congress were serious about dairy policy, they'd be working to stem the flood of Wisconsin dairy farm bankruptcies - - #1 in the US last year - -  and owner suicides that are directly linked to Scott Walker's GOP-led favoritism towards CAFO expansion and other state policies which squeezed smaller farms through over-production.

They'd take seriously the rapid escalation of climate threats which will impact the world we and they are leaving to children and grand-children who deserve far better leadership.

Set aside their robotic fascination with New York Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on whom they focus their embarrassingly childish disrespect, and ask yourself if they can't find anything better to do with their taxpayer-paid time. 

The Duffy and Steil Show brings to mind something a wise Madison City Hall veteran told me decades ago when I joined Paul Soglin's first Mayoral iteration:

'There are two kinds of people here," he said. "There are people who come to do the work and others to play the game. Find the serious people and stick with them."

Today, two game-players showed their cards.

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