Saturday, April 6, 2019

Great Lakes can add wind energy to its crucial freshwater portfolio

Wisconsin is making progress in utilizing its solar and wind resources - - 
Wisconsin wind farm, east of Waupun
This 86-turbine installation is near Waupun
- - as Walker and the GOP, closely tied both to real estate and Koch Industries special interests, stalled prospective wind farms after he took office
Scott Walker's crazed opposition to wind energy has claimed another project, and along with it, jobs for Wisconsin workers. Here are the details (and more information is here).   
And, regrettably, known crackpot and defeated opponent of wind power Donald Trump is continuing to mislead the public about wind power.

 "Idiotic," is how Chuck Grassley, the GOP senator from wind-turbine-rich Iowa, framed Trump's recent claim that wind-power is carcinogenic.

With 4,000 wind turbines, Iowa would be pretty emptied out from airborne cancers epidemics if Trump knew what he was talking about.

More and more people are recognizing that the planet is going to cook itself to well-done unless we move effectively towards greener energy generation, so I take this story about Lake Erie and Ohio as good news:
Great Lakes to harness wind in country's largest offshore wind farm
Project Icebreaker Wind will introduce a 20.7 megawatt wind farm eight miles off the coast of Cleveland. The wind turbines will provide power to 7,000 homes, act as potential habitat for local fish populations, and be the largest offshore wind farm in North America. 

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