Thursday, April 18, 2019

Smarmitude alert: Vos in full pomposity mode again

It seems we'll be needing an updated post noting Robin Vos' outbursts - - and let's be kind about it - - outbursts of embarrassing pomposity.
Robin Vos speaks at Racine Tea Party event (8378614585).jpg 

Yesterday I noted that Vos said he knew better about Medicaid coverages than the 70% of Wisconsinites who, when polled, said they want those coverages expanded.

Today, he boosted his signature pomposity with a heavy dose of smaritude by saying that Gov. Tony Evers - - a career teacher with a Ph.D degree earned by defending your own tens of thousands of words in a doctoral dissertation - -  is too naive and unschooled to understand the meaning of his own words.
It's really insulting to kind of take the tack that he is, which just in my mind shows how naive — let’s be kind — how naive Gov. Evers is to not understand the full ramifications of the words that he says and the actions that he is trying to take with this administration."
Pomposity - - thy name is Vos.

A 22-month archive of posts about Foxconn is here.

1 comment:

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Naive? The guy who thinks Foxconn Will still deliver on their pie-in-the-sky claims of huge jobs and buildings, even after they've admitted they wont build the large-scale project and have missed their minimal hiring goals for 2018? He calls someone ELSE naive?

Then again, Robbin' Vos wants his personal pork project to continue. No matter how much it costs the rest of us outside of Racine County.

He's like the worst combination of mediocre intellect, amorality, and arrogance.