Sunday, April 28, 2019

At his rally, whose climbing skills did Trump decide to laud?

So it's 24 hours since Trump's show ended in Green Bay, and I still see no explanation from reporters, insiders or word salad chefs for these words Trump uttered, as noted in grafs 52-53 of this detailed web account:
And members of Congress, Bryan Steil. Bryan. Thank you, Bryan. Glenn Grothman. This guy, every time I introduce him, you know I love champions. I don't care if it's in sports. I just like champions. So he's your tree-climbing champion, you know, [Inaudible] for five years, and that's not easy. He'd go up and come down.
He said the hard part was coming down because you'd get killed if you missed. But for five years he was the champion, the world champion, five years. And he's with us tonight and I'll tell you, he's our champion, he fights so hard. He's working on a reciprocal trade bill. So if somebody charges us a tariff of 100% or 50% or 25%, we say thank you very much. 
Now I can't tell if Trump was pointing to someone else in attendance, or if he knows something the rest of us never knew about Grothman:

Glenn Grothman official congressional photo.jpg

But anything is possible, given Grothman's expertise in everything from well-caulking to snake counting to single-parenting to Kwaanza-bashing, so tree-climbing - - no, not tree-hugging - - might be possible.

Google offered nothing helpful, though this was noteworthy:

Someone was really feeling a little too much holiday spirit -- Friday night a man climbed the National Christmas Tree near the White House.
After a stalemate with U.S. Park Police, the man finally came down and was taken to a hospital for mental evaluation. No injuries were reported, and Park Police described the climber as being in "emotional distress."
Update: Now I'm thinking Trump either pointed out known woodsman Sean Duffy, or got him confused with Grothman. Perhaps I'll take this up tomorrow.

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