Saturday, April 20, 2019

Walker refuses to defend his disregard of drinking water safety

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Props to the Wisconsin State Journal's Steve Verberg for a comprehensive review of the way Walker and the pro-pollution hacks he installed atop the DNR systematically slowed the regulation of harmful contaminants in state waters.
Wisconsin's protections against new drinking water pollutants slowed under Scott Walker
Verberg's review is a devastating, infuriating review of Walker's eight-year disregard of the people's water and public health; the reporting exceeds my own efforts in these matters and I salute him for his analysis and precision:
Of the three governors who served full terms since the state’s groundwater law was enacted, Walker is the only one whose administration never initiated the setting of health-based standards for new pollutants. 
As a result, it is taking years longer for the state to dispel uncertainty about risks posed by a growing mix of contaminants flowing from household taps, reduce consumption of the chemicals and help replace contaminated wells.
And here is the most galling line in Verberg's reporting:
Walker couldn’t be reached for comment for this story.  
And, of course, Walker couldn't be reached for comment, let alone for a single syllable of discussion or defense - - or even a verbalized "no comment" - - though Walker uses Twitter to showcase how busy and engaged he is when he wants to be:

Every American should be happy that Mueller report showed that did not collude with Russia to influence the 2016 elections. We should also be happy that picked WI for largest economic development project in state history. Sadly, some don’t like either.
Apr 18 
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