Thursday, April 4, 2019

Strong out-state WI reporting sums up DNR-CAFO-water issue

There are about 300 industrial-scale Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) in Wisconsin.
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And while careless, special-interest laden policy-making, and lax oversight has led to toxic drinking water and helped produce loads of media and blog coverage, I want to recommend this news story because it's loaded with facts, demonstrates the value of local reporting and all points the way forward:
In the results of observations at the Babcock Genetics’ monitoring well through March of 2017, 92 of the 108 samples showed nitrate/nitrite levels above the 10 mcg/L federal standard for safe drinking water.
As reported in the hearing, the nitrate/nitrite results at the monitoring wells have been getting worse since 2016. LaCrosse County Board Supervisor Mike Giese reported that from the beginning of monitoring to 2016, the average nitrate/nitrite result at the monitoring well had been 14 mcg/L. Since 2016, the average has increased to 27 mcg/L...
"I’m just one person, but dammit, I’m going to speak up and I’m going to do my part to address this situation at the county level,” Supervisor Sharon Hampson said. “I want the DNR to do their job to control this out-of-control situation. Scott Walker isn’t Governor anymore, and we have a new Governor now who is concerned.”

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