Tuesday, April 2, 2019

England does not have a monopoly on careless 'planning,' politics

It's easy to sit back on this side of the Atlantic, look at the chaos in England called Brexit, and said, smugly, 'that would never happen here!'

Except what about Trump's demand that the federal courts overturn the Affordable Care Act while his party has never been able to approve an alternative since the ACA was adopted, and now has zero chance of throwing one together that the Democratic House would do anything with except laugh at it?

And speaking of blundering ahead with big things without a concern or a clue about consequences, how about the Koch/ALEC-inspired plan to call a constitutional convention to rewrite the Constitution we have?
Constitution of the United States, page 1.jpg

And isn't it interesting that Scott Walker's toxic fingerprints are on both the federal court case which could lead to overthrowing much of the US health insurance system and the possible unraveling of the Constitution, since one of the right-wing groups lobbying for that cause on behalf of wealthy special interests has hired Walker to round up a few more states to get the constitutional rewriting convention off the ground.

Won't that be fun!

We in Wisconsin know what happens when you put Walker in charge of things.

Spread the word.

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