Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Ron Johnson continues to excuse, enable Trump

Wisconsin's #1 Trump toady hops again to the Dear Leader's defense.

Wisconsin's GOP Senator Ron [a/k/a 'Hey, I got my tax break'] Johnson chairs a Senate oversight committee that includes the words "Homeland, Security and Government," but still finds a way to absolve Trump of responsibility for the chaos he's created in the agency and the lives of countless thousands of immigrant families. 
Wisconsin Republican Ron Johnson says inaction by Congress much bigger problem than purge at homeland security agency
I can’t get inside the President’s head (about) why he’s making these moves...“We do need Democrats acknowledging we have a problem...but “I’ll give this president pretty high remarks in assembling and recruiting some pretty effective people inside government.”  
Seriously, no serious person gives Trump high marks for having created the border crisis by canceling DACA and Dreamers' protections, militarizing the border, snatching, jailing and losing track of children and violating international rules and US laws which guarantee the human rights of immigrant asylum-seekers.

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with slick wordsmithing and sickening cowardice that coddles Trump, diverts his voters and plays to Trump's media puppets.

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