Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Better headline: minimum wages in US 50% above Walker's WI mandate

Take a look at this story in The New York Times - - 
Because of a string of moves by states and cities in recent years, the effective average is almost at $12 an hour. 
And remember that not only did Walker rigidly keep the Wisconsin, bottom-rung minimum hourly wage where it remains at $7.25 while other jurisdictions boosted it, he stripped the concept of "a living wage" from the state budget (law)and ridiculed the entire concept of a minimum wage while he was earning roughly ten times more at $144,000+ a year. 

And cut food aid to school kids and removed an arbitrary $20 monthly from low-income families to teach them a lesson about self-reliance, explained here.

As part of a broader strategy to take food from those he was impoverishing, as Bruce Murphy explained.

And raised two taxes hitting low-income people to the tune of more than $49 million to fund tax cuts for higher-earning residents, and businesses.

And added more restrictions to food aid which the Chicago Tribune called "painful," and which The Washington Post said was the model Trump preferred though Walker implemented it without a formal study: 
Wisconsin is expanding the work requirements for many people getting food aid, even though ground-level evidence suggests the requirements may be hurting more than helping. Gov. Scott Walker (R), the architect of the FoodShare changes and some of the nation’s most conservative revisions to other safety-net programs, resisted efforts to undertake a formal evaluation of the impact on people at risk of hunger.
But don't worry: Walker's Twitter feed shows he's feeding himself well, and, for at least $15,000, you can hire him to tell you all about it.

Late night dinner!

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Anonymous said...

I am disappointed in Gov Evers proposal for a minimum wage of $10.50 by 2023. I don't think baby steps on this issue is appropriate.