Thursday, April 11, 2019

Growing Racine County real estate firm buying more WI properties

Foxconn continues to acquire real estate in Wisconsin, adding a building in Madison to a portfolio that includes others, or land, in Eau Claire, Milwaukee, Green Bay and Mount Pleasant.

As far as I know, Boardwalk, Park Place and the railroads are still available and the utilities are under control.

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Foxconn might be interested making good on the blue-collar employment promises it made to qualify for those billions in state subsidies Walker and the Legislature threw Foxconn's way by scooping up and training the 265 workers suddenly available after the abrupt closing of a Milwaukee packaging plant on the Northwest side.

Oh, I forgot that there's no bus or train service to get the workers there, in part because regional Sprawl King and Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos championed the legislation that abolished regional transit authorities in Wisconsin.

Urban connections. ew!

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