Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Walkerism got a big reprieve tonight

So in just five months, Wisconsin voters ousted Scott Walker for Tony Evers, while a much smaller electorate - - pending a canvass and a likely recount - - appears to have installed Walker's former gubernatorial counsel Brian Hagedorn on the State Supreme court - - where he will help block and undo Evers' initiatives and further cement Walkerism from the classroom to the groundwater to the law.

There will be time enough to sort through the data and analyze the impact of money and ads, but there's no denying that a lot of people who voted for Evers didn't come out and vote for a candidate aligned with his politics.

This is a big boost for Donald Trump, for Robin Vos and Scott Fitzgerald, for the architects and underwriters of FitzWalkerStan and a loss that progressives and Democrats will feel for years.

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