Sunday, April 7, 2019

WI Conservation Congress hearings are Monday, statewide

Monday is the one day of the year statewide during which you can attend a public hearing in your county and express an opinion to the Wisconsin DNR on scores of DNR policies, programs and responsibilities:

On Milwaukee's Lake Michigan shoreline

I've written about the annual sessions of the statewide Wisconsin Conservation Congress, its procedures and goals; here's a 2018 item.

And here is a DNR link about the annual meetings on Monday provided by the DNR, and separately from the DNR, below, county-by-county locations and additional links:

Note at this link there is information about how to use an online ballot process which will be available Monday:
NEW: Online Input OptionClick here for 2019 Spring Hearing Online Input Option 
The online input option will be provided through a link that will be posted on this page and will go live at 7:00 p.m. on April 8. The online version will remain open for three days (72 hours). 
And while most of the advisory ballot questions are specific to hunting and fishing rules and locales, there are questions beginning at #50 about broader issues, like farmfield set back rules from waterways to control pollution, restoration of budget funding for state parks, and measures to stem chronic deer wasting disease.

Monday, April 08, 2019:

Kari Lee-Zimmerman, 608-266-0580, for WCC
Meredith Penthorn, 608-316-0080, for fisheries rules
Scott Karel, 608-267-2452, for wildlife rules

Detailed information: Individuals interested in natural resources management have the opportunity to provide their input and testimony to the DNR and WCC on proposed rule changes and advisory questions relating to fish and wildlife management in Wisconsin. There are 72 public hearing/meeting locations - one held in each county.
Natural Resources Board Order FH-19-18 will modify fishing regulations on inland, outlying and boundary waters of the state. This rule will serve several purposes, including applying fishing regulations to waters to accomplish new management goals, improving the clarity and consistency of regulations on shared boundary waters with Michigan and Minnesota, establishing statewide regulations that provide harvest opportunity while protecting fish populations and aligning regulations with public desires for certain waterbodies.
Natural Resources Board Order WM-21-18 is a permanent rule that would modify chs. NR 10 and 45 related to hunting, trapping and target shooting. This rule will serve several purposes, including simplifying weapons restriction regulations, offering additional trapping opportunities and provide regulated shooting in Rock County.
WCC public hearing/meeting notice [PDF]
FH-19-18 public hearing notice [PDF]
WM-21-18 public hearing notice [PDF]
WCC spring hearing/meeting information
Proposed administrative rules
NOTE: The Ozaukee County meeting has been moved to the Ozaukee County Fairgrounds in Cedarburg.

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