Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Mt. Pleasant to profit from 'blight' by leasing Foxconn land to farmers

For farming and rent collection!
Mount Pleasant to lease land to farmers in Foxconn area
“I’m a little uncomfortable that the village is becoming a land broker here … it’s just we buy all of this land, remove the people from it and now we’re making money from it. I’m a little uneasy with it.” Gary Feest,village trustee 
Wasn't plenty of Mt. Pleasant acreage already being farmed before farmers were bought out, their property designated as blighted [Sic], so Foxconn - - full archive, here - - could manufacture, I mean assemble big screen TV's I mean smaller device screens, or something? As I wrote 10 months ago:
In Racine County's Village of Mount Pleasant these days, you can't count on your home being your castle anymore.
Because if the government wants to take it for Foxconn and the bulldozers, the Village is closing in on saying it belongs to them - - and they can take it - - because it's blighted.
Does this look blighted to you?
Cabbage fields on the Foxconn site, 2017

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