Tuesday, April 16, 2019

WI DNR's Cole to promote clean water, CWD and climate change science

Looks like science, common sense and public health are finally back on the WI DNR's radar.

New WI DNR Secretary Preston Cole says clean water, fighting chronic deer wasting disease

and returning facts to the agency's previously-whitewashed climate change website are among the agency's science-based priorities.
DNR Secretary Preston Cole calls clean water and CWD top two priorities in Wisconsin 
Separately, Cole said the DNR is planning to replace language on its website written by the previous administration that said climate change was a matter of scientific debate. 
instead, he said, staff will add back wording indicating that humans play a role in rising levels of greenhouse gas emissions. 
These and other common sense programs had been damaged or disregarded during the Walker corporations'-first/pro-polluter years - - here is a blog series his ideologically-driven environmental depredations - -  so props to Cole and Gov. Evers, and let's help them get a budget passed that will put these policies into action.

Because none of this will be easy with a Republican-controlled, Walker-worshipping, special-interest beholden legislature.

And, yes, public pressure must also be applied to make sure Team Evers follows through.

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Anonymous said...

One of the problems with having a Governor appointed Secretary of DNR is that so much time is lost between the swearing in and the point in time when the new Secretary and staff have figured out how such a large agency works. It didn't help that Stepp reorganized in an incredibly inefficient way. Things keep getting done but they are being done the way Stepp wanted them done. It will be a long time before changes can be implemented. I an advocate for a board appointed Secretary to insure a smoother transition.