Thursday, November 3, 2016

Wash Post calls out Trump's GOP enablers - - omits Walker

The Washington Post editorial board writes about those GOP leaders who recklessly endorsed Donald Trump, or equivocated about it, like Paul Ryan, before falling into line and helping in some way to enable Trump's reckless run to the White House:
History will remember which Republicans failed the Trump test
WHEN THE republic was in danger, where did you stand? History will ask that question of Republican leaders who knew that Donald Trump was unfit to be commander in chief.
I've been posting a repetitive daily reminder about Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's Trump endorsement - - a public stand by Walker that had a few, very-temporary-post-Trump-'p***y-grabbing hiccups - - and which has included a speech for Trump at the National Republican Convention this summer and a very recent speech and appearance for and with Trump near Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

So for the Post's editors and anyone else who either missed it or forgets about Walker-in-the-2020-weeds, here's what today's and the rest of the daily reminders look like:

While others have withdrawn their Donald Trump presidential endorsements based on his words and deeds, Wisconsin GOP Governor Scott Walker has not.
Walker made his endorsement on July 20 - - "absolutely," he said," one hundred and six days ago. And counting.
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