Monday, November 7, 2016

Also on Tuesday's ballot - - polling

We're going to find out Tuesday if the mechanics and science of polling is as reliable as advertised, given that the overwhelming consensus of polls and pollsters and the pundits who amplify them is that Hillary Clinton is going to win the raw vote and electoral college.

There's been some last-minute, post-James Comey's-interference hedging, but if all the experts are wrong and the silent majority is louder and bigger than the data was allegedly showing, an entire class of allegedly smart people is going to have to work up an unprecedented mea culpa and then look for work.

But I expect a Hillary Clinton win - - one that hopefully buries forever the bigoted, fear-based politics which date to George Wallace - - based less on polling and more on a belief that a majority of voting Americans in 2016 is not as bigoted and fear-based as is Donald Trump and the alt-right forces he elevated to the national stage.

So put it this way: I hope the polls and pollsters are right, or else the Right is going to set this country back 50 years, maybe more.

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