Wednesday, November 9, 2016

WI poll cited nationally for missing the mark

During a discussion tonight on MSNBC, host Brian Williams cited a close-to-the-election poll in Wisconsin showing Hillary Clinton leading by six points as an example of getting it wrong.
No doubt that Williams was referencing this Marquette University Law School poll published on Nov. 2nd:
Clinton holds six point lead over Trump in latest Marquette Law School poll
The pollster has acknowledged the problems and is posting explanations:
Marquette Law Poll Comments on Being Wrong on the Election


Anonymous said...


Scott Walker did not make the preliminary list for a Trump cabinet position:

So what does Scotty and the state's media disinformation do? They publish a bogus article that Walker didn't want a role in the Trump Administration anyhow:

Don't expect MJS to correct this one, nor acknowledge that Walker was not even in the running for a post. This is so childish and transparent, but it is how we got Gov. Scott Walker (and parallels how we got Pres. Donald Trump).

And as an EXTRA PROPAGANDA BONUS! MJS today published a laughable editorial:

Editorial: Now comes the hard part for Donald Trump; he must govern: After running the most divisive presidential campaign in living memory, he must do something counterintuitive.

Yeah -- from the guys that endorsed Scott Walker who began his economic reign of terror by admitting his divisive policies were a "bomb" and that his mission was "divide-and-conquer".

Unflippin' believable...

Anonymous said...

PLEASE STOP POSTING PICTURES OF WALKER. THEY ALL MAKE ME WANT TO PUNCH MY MONITOR. Your articles are great I read them everyday. Sometimes I comments. But that will all stop if I have to look at that stupid face. SORRY but that is the way it is.

James Rowen said...

To Anonymous 10:25 a.m. Sorry about that. Graphics are important adjuncts to posts. But if I lose you as a reader over this, my regress's and thank you for previous connection.

Anonymous said...

Walker and his Cruz crazy loons burned bridges with Trump, the last being Ryan turning Trump away from his rally after the video was released. Trump also realizes that the working middle class bluecollar worker, the one's Hillary ignored, got him elected. These same voters have turned on Walker over RTW and Prevailing Wage repeal. There's hope that Trump with his plan to rebuild infrastructure will protect Bacon- Davis and ignor Walker and co.

Sue said...

Anon @ 10:25 and James Rowen@11:33, how about a compromise? Can't you put up that stupid, laughable, ridiculous pic of Walker squatting/dancing? I can't stand the fetal-alcohol-syndrome Walker pic that you keep putting up but I laugh when I see that 'shit on WI' Walker pic.

James Rowen said...

I do not have the Walker dancing photo. Someone can send it to me.