Monday, November 21, 2016

Vos suggests more WI blue-collar wage cuts

[Updated from 11/18] Yes, here's more of the same Act 10/right-to-work/anti-union wage cuts coming your way, Bucky, brought to you right after the election by the fake friends of working people including Scott Walker, Donald Trump and now Wisconsin Assembly GOP Speaker Robin Vos:
Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, R-Rochester, says he's open to a repeal of the prevailing wage for state projects if it's part of a larger transportation package.  
Republicans this session repealed the requirement for local projects, and some have called for doing the same with state work after the GOP won bigger majorities in both houses during this fall's elections. 
Balancing the state transportation budget's overspending and fueling the road-builders' greedy gravy train on the backs of truck drivers and road-graders and gravel haulers and signal flag holders doing dangerous, dusty, back-breaking labor.

Or as Walker calls it, 'doing good.'

This is not the first time Republicans will be throwing private sector unions under the bus, as they did right off the bat in 2011 with public sector workers.

In fact, it will be the fourth measure aimed at workers take home pay, as Republicans already approved, in total, Act 10, then right-wo-work, and more recently repealed the prevailing wage standards for local government projects - - signed by Gov. Walker as a budget amendment.

And just wait until Republicans next year change federal transportation allocations and give the states a so-called block grant pot of money - - few or no strings attached - - which would allow Wisconsin to end job training cooperation with construction unions and permanently roll back project wages scales, as Walker andPaulRyan want.

In sum:

Wisconsin becomes Waukesha County becomes America - - and back again.

Wake up, Wisconsin.

We're a low-wage state.

With slow growth that trails the nation.

Vos plan would ut more blue-collar workers farther behind.

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ladyblug said...

I REALLY dislike these people!