Saturday, November 5, 2016

Trump throws crumbs to increasingly odd, insignificant Walker

Well, there was this mini-shoutout to a Wisconsin politician who has stood by Trump publicly for 108 days despite the GOP nominee's confessions of assaulting women, withholding public release of his tax returns and slurring everyone from women to African-Americans to Muslims to Latinos to working reporters to the handicapped, et al:
TrumpForWisconsin @TrumpForWI 
Happy Birthday @ScottWalker. You're a great American, great friend and one tough cookie. 
9:55 AM - 2 Nov 2016
Jeez - - less than 90 characters - - a mini-tweet. 


Anonymous said...

When exactly does he work?!?

James Rowen said...

C'mon, man. Every morning. There are sandwiches to make.

Claire said...

So walker spends his days dreaming about ham and cheese. No wonder nothing gets done to help Wisconsin.

Anonymous said...

So Scotty is too stooopid to make another type of sandwich any single day in the last 26 years?

And the media wants to proclaim this is proof he's a working-man's hero?

This is even more shameless propaganda than the "Eagle Scout" and "Son-of-a-Preacher-Man" crap the media catapulted in 2010-2012.

Anonymous said...

I bet he gets the ham, cheese and bread free from food industry donors. But what I don't understand is when he eats this stuff at his desk.....he's never in his office and rarely in Wisconsin. There will be legislation in the next session either giving tax breaks from WEDC to the ham industry and the ham sandwich will be declared the official sandwich of Wisconsin!