Friday, November 25, 2016

Donald Trump facing historic Homeland Security chief choice

Following a meeting next week, Donald Trump could nominate for his cabinet the Milwaukee County Sheriff in charge of a local jail in which four people recently died including a new borne child and an adult from severe dehydration when his jail cell's water was cut off by staff - - and about which the local paper has joined calls for an independent investigation because family members of the deceased have been given little to no information about their loved ones' deaths:

David A. Clarke Jr. needs to remember he’s the sheriff of Milwaukee County, not the king. He’s not even the king of the Milwaukee County Jail, which has seen four deaths since April under his watch, and about which the sheriff and the sheriff’s office have been shamefully silent. Not even the families of those who died have been told much about what happened. Surely, the sheriff owes them answers, just as he owes answers to the people who elected him and pay his outside investigation would remove the doubt that now exists. One should be conducted.
The Sheriff’s Office has not publicly released any information about what factors contributed to the deaths of Kristina Fiebrink and Michael Madden. Their family members told the Journal Sentinel they have held funerals and grieved for weeks while knowing few details about why their loved ones died. The others who died were Terrill Thomas, a 38-year-old inmate  who died of profound dehyrdation, and a baby who died after an inmate gave birth unnoticed in her cell.
That's got to be a precedent-setting resume for a potential cabinet nominee to a department entitled, without intentional irony, "Homeland Security."

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