Monday, November 21, 2016

Even with redistricting loss, Walker, GOP won

I am sure that there were some in the Wisconsin GOP who anticipated today's ruling throwing out the last Legislative redistricting as unconstitutional, but went along with it because they and the party knew that, in the interim, they could pass every partisan, right-wing, big-business, anti-union, pro-polluter, misogynist and race-baiting measure they had always dreamed of laying on Wisconsin. 

Which they have done - - and managed to deliver Wisconsin to the equally repulsive, alt-right embodied incoming Donald Trump administration.

Walker and his cronies are the ultimate ends-justifying-the-means game-players.

It's too bad the remedies which the courts in the redistricting can impose are civil.

People who corrupt a democratic state should go to jail.


Boxer said...

The sad facts of life during one-party rule under the Grab-All-the-Power-You-Can party. Sick.

Anonymous said...

Actually many Wisconsin Republican lawmakers are guilty of treason. When the Republican Legislature passed the Penokees Mining bill and Gov. Walker signed it into law, they failed to uphold a standing US Treaty; one of the few acts defined by the US Constitution as treason.