Friday, November 25, 2016

Trump golf course troubles echo in Sheboygan battle

Donald Trump's ballyhooed high-end golf course in Scotland left neighbors with anger and local officials with remorse, The New York Times discloses.
In the 10 years since Mr. Trump first visited, vowing to build “the world’s greatest golf course” on an environmentally protected site featuring 4,000-year-old sand dunes, they have seen him lash out at anyone standing in his way. They say they watched him win public support for his golf course with grand promises, then watched him break them one by one.
Maybe the folks opposing the ballyhooed Kohler Company's proposed high-end golf course on windswept, picturesque dunes along Lake Michigan near Sheboygan
could find lessons and allies there.

As the former superintendent of the adjoining state park was quoted in the above link saying, in writing:
Clear cutting, pulling stumps, and bulldozing these areas for the purpose of installing golf course greens will forever destroy a fragile landscape and ecosystem that has evolved in its present state since the last ice age over 14,000 years ago. Unfortunately the Kohler company does not see any problem with destroying this very unique and rare Great Lakes sand dune area for the purpose of building a golf course for their wealthy clients. 
Could have been written by one of the Trump golf course neighbors. 

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Bill Sell said...

Thanks, James - keeping this issue alive. I submitted a comment during the Draft Environmental Impact Statement days, last August. You may find it here:

Also, I borrowed your lovely photo of the shoreline at Black River Woods.


James Rowen said...

Thanks, Bill.