Friday, October 21, 2016

No suspense in WI; GOP cowards stick with Trump

GOP Presidential nominee Donald Trump has rampaged through tolerance and decency for more than a year, but even refusing to release his tax returns or agreeing to honor the results of the upcoming election which polls say he will lose is enough to convince Wisconsin's GOP elected leaders - - Walker Ryan, Johnson, Duffy, Fitzgerald, et al - - to display a little backbone as have others across the country and take back their Trump endorsements.
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These party-first, country-second leaders have tossed a few shoulder shrugs and mild words Trump's way - - but it's small talk with no urgency or principle behind them in the face of completely unacceptable behavior and contempt for the democratic process by the nominee of a major tier-two political party.

Oddly, the Journal Sentinel blasts Trump for his refusal to accept the election result, admonishes Paul Ryan for not withdrawing his Trump endorsement but doesn't apply that demand and standard to Trump's other Wisconsin enablers - - Scott Walker, Ron, Johnson, Ryan Duffy and others.

After the GOP's 2012 loss to Barack Obama, the GOP issued an "autopsy" to explain its failure and set a newer, more tolerant and inclusive course for 2016 to match the face and expectations of the nation.

No doubt that drafting is already underway with a working title inspired by the state where the GOP was founded:

Profiles in Cowardice.

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