Friday, November 4, 2016

WI GOP wants official path to permanent GOP rule

No other way to read Assembly Speaker, gerrymandering mastermind and Governor-in-waiting Robin Vos' latest scheme to rig elections
Vos robin.jpg

with anti-urban voting restrictions made state law for his ruling party.

They've tried and failed before, but a further tweak, referendum or uniformity argument could find a sympathetic judge or appeals court of 4-4 gridlocked US Supreme Court that give Vos' move or 'philosophy' some support.

Amazing, isn't it - - sickening, actually - - how the GOP in the year 2016 - - continues to push restrictions on democratic process.

Little wonder that the party is devolving nationally with Trump on the ticket, but the GOP is still strong in Wisconsin where demographics and its power seizure across three branches of government will keep it one of the last Republican strongholds outside the south.

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Anonymous said...

Vos needs another beer on his head. How can a politician take a stand that voting should be made difficult so that it is harder for people to have a voice in their government. This is just stupid in this day and age but coming from Vos it is expected. He is the same clown that asked Schimel to rule that the DNR can't study the impact of high capacity wells on lakes, streams, rivers and the groundwater impacts on neighbors wells. Only a politician whose party is being supported by CAFCO's and "BIG AG." entities would opt to have our state's valued water resources be decimated and neighbors wells go dry. Any sensible elected official would immediately propose legislation protecting our natural resources from destruction and protecting constituents from being impacted by corporate abuse. Not Vos, not Walker, not Fitz............"pay to play" is the name of government in Wisconsin!