Saturday, November 26, 2016

Extensive Fox River PCB cleanup to take extra year

Some data in this story illuminates the scope of PCB contamination, and cleanup since 2009, in just one 13-mile stretch of the paper-companies' fouled Fox River:
This season, which [Tetra Tech's Scott] Stein characterized as an average year, workers dredged 540,000 cubic yards of soil, which produced 325,576 tons of processed sediment. More than 15,000 truckloads transported 359,843 tons of dried material to a special landfill, and 906 million gallons of treated water were returned to the river.
Since the project began, that’s more than 3.8 million cubic yards of material dredged from the river, 2.1 million tons of dirt hauled to the landfill and 6.1 billion gallons of water treated and discharged. Workers have capped about 560 acres of river bottom.

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