Friday, November 11, 2016

Balloting made WI working poor relatively worse off

The working poor in Wisconsin with the rock-bottom minimum wage of $7. 25 an hour enforced by GOP Gov. Scott Walker now make less than their counterparts in 29 other states after voters in four more states raised those hourly wages as high as $15.

Just part of a wider GOP plan to encourage people to look elsewhere for work, schooling, clean water, and so forth.

And it's not as if companies and entrepreneurs, having seen Walker's little signs at the borders announcing that the state is "open for businesses" are racing to Wisconsin to set up shop, break ground or expand.

Even as Walker and his Legislative allies did the WMC's bidding by converting private sector shops to 'right-to-work,' lower wage operations and got rid of family-supporting 'prevailing wages' on public works projects.

Cutting the pay in blue-collar families who, like may minimum-wage workers, live in out-state, red counties.

No - - business is not heading to Wisconsin.

Just the opposite. The state's growth is stalled, we rank in the lower third of states nationally in job creation, icons firms like Oscar Mayer and Caterpillar have moved complete lines out of state, Walker's big promise to create 250,000 new private sector jobs in four years is about ti hit the six-year mark without being fulfilled and almost 100 production jobs are leaving Walker's base Waukesha County, it was announced just this week.

But Walker remains unmoved: You may remember he said during his 90-second presidential campaign last year that he doesn't even believe in the concept of a guaranteed minimum wage - - even called it "lame" - - though, as Governor, he is guaranteed a monthly salary of just over $12,000.

Plus a nicely-staffed, beautifully-landscaped, twin-kitchened lakefront mansion, and  cars, drivers, airplanes....

Nothing, as someone said, lame about that.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps a trip to the new McDonalds in Grafton right off I43 is in order.

Right after the entryway and before the 2 cash registers are kiosks where you place your order and pay. The technology replaced workers at $10 per hour.

my5cents said...

Maybe those low wage workers in Wisconsin should move to another state to get a better paying job. At the rate companies are shipping Wisconsin jobs out of state, what's the difference if they stay or go. All of the people who lost those jobs will have to take minimum wage jobs since no higher paying jobs are being created here. No one in the government cares one bit about any of the hard working poor or middle class anyway.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

It's not like people are needed in this society, and they need to make non-poverty wages. We just need profits, right?

Not that I'd spend a dime in the cultural trash hole known as the 262 anyway, but appreciate the heads up on somewhere I dont need to go

Anonymous said...

WOW!! The technology replaced $10 per hour! And what replaced a wage required to support a family, 3 or 4 different kinds of government subsidies? Wage earning republicans are the simplest.