Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Back to normal in Walker's WI: more jobs moving out

The election is over, the GOP stranglehold on Scott Walker's Waukesha County-centered Wisconsin got tighter - - and another 92 jobs are leaving...Waukesha.
Terex Utilities has announced it is shifting production from Waukesha to South Dakota in a downsizing at its local plant that will leave 92 people out of work.
Remember when Right-to-Work and business tax cuts were going to keep jobs here?

Remember the 250,000 new private-sector jobs that Walker was going to create in Wisconsin by January, 2015?

Never mind. 

Pass the ham and cheese, please. The Governor at work.


Anonymous said...

on election day, no less.

Anonymous said...

Economic terrorism, pure and simple, destabilizing the employment base to enable a right-wing radical extreme fascist agenda. And the media compliantly covers and this up, will not report the real story in a coherent way, tows the Republican line, and even endorses the destruction of our economy and the looting of the public coffers to directly enable.

Anonymous said...

Unemployment rate Nov 2010 = 7.1%
Unemployment rate Sept 2016 = 4.1%
It's working Jimmy

Obama's job numbers for last Oct in office = 161,000 (320,000,000 US citizens)
President Ronald Reagan's final Oct in office = 325,000 jobs gained (244,000,000 US Citezens)

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many of those 92 folks voted 'Republican' on Tuesday?

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Now normalize for the Age of Boomers in 1988 and 2016, then get back and talk to me, Bagger Boy.

Wisconsin is 103,000 jobs behind the US pace under Walker and counting, with another factory in Algoma closing up today, losing another 150 jobs. Guess right-to-work for less didnt save them, eh?

Sue said...

Like a rocket!