Wednesday, November 9, 2016

A few more instant post-Trump win observations

Things that have stuck with me since my UW-Madison Poli Sci classes from decades ago and which resonated loudly last night after Trump's win:
Donald Trump August 19, 2015 (cropped).jpg

America is basically a conservative country where whites and men have always been in control. 

It has a long, tortured relationship with minorities and women to whom it denied civil rights and voting rights for years. 

And it has long revered the outsider, the cowboy, the Marlboro Man riding into town and solving everyone's problems.


Anonymous said...

Trump is more like The Music Man.

Unknown said...

Nancy Isenberg's "White Trash" should be required reading for anyone who wants to get NEAR politics, let alone understand or participate in it. And underlying this grotesque result is: unregulated donor money and greed; sexism; racism; and fear and hatred of "the other." Any TV bloviators on the left who go on about "economic pressures" as an explanation of what happened last night just need to get out
of town and talk to people they don't ordinarily talk to.

Anonymous said...

Trump may be a con man, but there was no angel on the other side. Hillary, with the help of insiders at DNC and media allies, hijacked the nomination. If she was actually a good candidate, that would not have necessary.

Flushing the Clintons out of the system will be a good thing. We cannot take back America until we take back the Democratic Party.